A Coalition of Craft Breweries for Clean Water

Clean water and healthy rivers are essential for great tasting beer. Clean water also plays a critical role in supporting healthy communities with drinking water, providing habitat for fish and wildlife and supporting local agriculture. Right now, some of the wildest, cleanest waters in the US are being threatened by proposed industrial strip mines. Our coalition of southern Oregon breweries is asking craft brewers across Oregon to stand together in support of protections that would keep the crystal clear, salmon-studded waters of the Kalmiopsis clean for communities, fish and wildlife and local businesses.

How You can Help

  • Learn about the strip mine threat from our additional resources found at the bottom of the page
  • Ask your local Oregon craft brewery to join the Wild Rivers, Wild Brews Coalition
  • Show your support for the Southwestern Oregon Watershed & Salmon Protection Act by writing Senators Ron Wyden & Jeff Merkley and Congressman Peter DeFazio

How to Join the Coalition

  • Email us at wildriversbrews@gmail.com

Coalition Members

7 Devils Brewing

Arch Rock Brewing

Bricktowne Brewing Company

Caldera Brewing Company

Chetco Brewing Co

Climate City Brewing

Common Block Brewing

Connor Fields Brewing

Misty Mountain Brewing

Opposition Brewing Company

Port O’Pints Brewing Co.

Southern Oregon Brewing Co.

Standing Stone Brewing Company

Swing Tree Brewing Co.

Walkabout Brewpub

Additional Resources

Fact Sheet for Strip Mining Threat

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Wild Rivers Wild Brews Coalition Comment Letters

Wild Rivers Wild Brews Coalition Thank You Letter to Decision Makers

Wild Rivers Wild Brews Coalition Comment Letter to the BLM